Klump for Businesses

Entice Customers, Increase Sales

Give your customers a convenient new way to pay. When you offer them flexible payment options while immediately getting settled, you gain their loyalty and repeat patronage. Now, You're Open For Business!


What’s in it for you?

Grow Your Customer Base

Attract more customers with a payment offering they cannot refuse while you keep the older ones coming back for more.

Increased Overall Revenue

Increase purchase rates and the average orders on your platform and experience a higher conversion rate.

No More Abandoned Carts

With Klump, you can increase your chances of closing sales and never lose a customer at the checkout.

  • Order

    Your customer completes their purchase using the Klump checkout payment option on your platform.

How it Works for Your Business?

integrate Klump

Integrate With Klump

Our developer and API documentation is available online and walks you through each stage of your Klump integration in careful detail that makes the entire process simple and easy. Our wide range of merchants found these self help guides very useful.

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Your Merchant Dashboard

Your Klump merchant dashboard provides a detailed view of all your trading activities to assist you in handling your customer list and tracking all the data required to properly manage your Klump account

  • Discover who your shoppers are.
  • Access your product keys
  • Control when to accept real-time transactions
  • Stay up to date with new product launches
  • Access Developer Documentation
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