Flexible Payment Plans for Everyone

Klump helps you buy anything you need on a payment plan that works for you. You work hard, You deserve the Easy Life. Buy Now Pay Later with Klump!

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Pay Your Way

Discover new ways to pay at your convenience on the Klump Buy Now Pay Later plan.


Pay how you like

Enjoy the freedom to choose how you want to pay for purchases


Instalments over 3 months

Spread payments over 3 months after an initial 25% deposit


Manage Your Budget

Manage your finances better by paying in small chunks every month

Paying With Klump Is Easy

Quick Integration, No Application, No Hidden Fees. The Easy Life

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    Choose merchant with your desired product or service


Here's what you might pay

Your purchase

₦25,000 ₦300,000

For how long...

3 months

I month 2 month 3 month

Your rate will be 3% interest based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. Payment options through Klump are provided by these lending partners. Options depend on your purchase amount, up to ₦300,000, and a down payment may be required.


Monthly repayment
Interest rate: 3%
Payable per month: ₦6,629
Total repayable: ₦26,136
Total interest: ₦1,136