Ethical Guidelines and Business Conduct for Merchants and Partners

Last updated January 31, 2022

Ethical Guidelines and Business Conduct for Merchants and Partners

Klump's ethical guidelines and business conduct (the "Guide") serve as a sacred code that defines all aspects of the Klump brand. This document reveals all the instructions, restrictions, and standards that form the foundation of Klump's business. It serves as a guide for the behavior we expect from those we do business with.

The Guide does not address every possible situation; as a result, Klump reserves the sole discretion in deciding which businesses, concepts, products, and services are not permitted to use any of Klump's services.

More importantly, customers are at the heart of the entire Klump existence, and every decision we make is in the best interests of our customers, which directly reflects on the businesses we choose to work with. As a result, we have classified the Guide into two (2) major categories:

  1. 1. Prohibited:
    None of the items classified as “prohibited” can be processed with Klump’s services.
  2. 2. Restricted:
    Items classified as “restricted” will have some limitations and can only be processed based on Klump’s express approval.


The following products, services, and items are not authorized to process Klump’s services:

1. Illegal Products:
  • Counterfeit products and illegally acquired goods, including fake products that are made of substandard quality and sold under the brand name without the express authorization of the brand owner.
  • Selling or marketing a product or service that violates any law.
  • Practices that encourage any acts of modern slavery in any part of a business, its subsidiaries, or supply chains.
  • Products and services provided without a license as required by law.
2. High-Risk Industries, Products, and Services:
  • Age-restricted services or products, including alcohol, E-cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco substitutes, and hard illegal drugs, including cocaine, cannabis, heroin, and others.
  • High-risk products, including art and antiques, digital downloads (e.g. film and music download/streaming) selling unauthorized or plagiarized content, fireworks, guns or gun-related accessories, weapons, and armaments.
  • High-risk industries, including auction houses; charities; multi-level marketing; pawn shops; political organizations; parties; or initiatives.
  • High-risk services, including “file sharing, file hosting, file storage, medical treatments and surgeries, testing labs”.
3. Adult entertainment:
  • Klump will never authorize any business that exhibits or markets any adult-oriented: motion pictures with live performances, computer-generated adult-oriented images, or performances online or in a physical space. There will be no displays or dances with a substantial portion of specified or connoted sexual activities or any other personal service offered to customers. Prostitution, escort services, or strip clubs of any kind cannot offer Klump payment services to their customers.
  • Pedophilia and sadistic entertainment: products or services (including images and marketing) related to pedophilia, non-consensual sexual behavior, or the exploitation of a minor, mutilation of a person or body parts.
4. Crime & Illegal Activities:
  • Products, services, or practices that encourage crime or support illegal activities, e.g., unregistered/unauthorized weapons or products and services that support extremist or terror actions or organizations.
  • Products or services, or practices that are intended to cause danger, injury, or suffering to humans or animals.

Others Prohibited:

5. Deceptive or Discriminatory marketing:
  • Negative option marketing
  • Misleading or deceiving consumers and discarding or avoiding consumer protection laws.
  • Disregarding customer complaints and requests for chargebacks.
  • Products and services provided without a license as required by law.
6. Order fulfillment:
  • As a merchant processing Klump’s services, your settlement will always come in T+1 business days. However, you are obligated to fulfill orders as long as they read “successful” on your Klump merchant dashboard.
  • Deceptive trade: No business should leverage Klump settlements for inventory financing, turnover, and management. There must be no communication to the customer that order fulfillment is dependent on Klump’s settlement. If the product is unavailable, do not encourage the completion of the transaction.
  • Account details provided by Klump cannot be used to collect the initial deposit from customers.
  • Never give cash equivalents to customers, products, or services financed by Klump services.
  • Merchants' commission is only payable by the business or service provider and cannot be incurred by customers.
  • Merchants should never charge a different price for a product or service when a customer opts to pay with Klump. If you change the price of a product or service, it should be based on rational business reasons.
  • Merchants should clearly state the terms of refunds, exchanges, and other chargeback requests. Klump will not be held responsible for any chargebacks caused by disregard by the merchants.
  • Merchants are bound to find solutions to chargeback requests.


The following products, services, and items will process Klump’s services on precise pre-approved terms and conditions:

1. Financial services:
  • Money services including binary options, currency exchange, money transfer, digital and cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other crypto assets.
  • Bailiffs, Bankruptcy/Insolvency services, claims management, debt collection management agencies, insurance
2. Legally derived drugs and substances:
  • drugs and pharmaceuticals with appropriate licensing.
3. Gambling and betting services:
  • Gambling, betting, lotteries, only with the appropriate licensing e.t.c
4. Travel and tourism:
  • Airlines and ticketing services, hotels, and other accommodations, including short lets, rentals, and other housing.
  • Tour agencies, tour operators, cruises.
5. Refurbished products:
  • including gadgets and electronics, generally termed UK-used devices or second or dual-use products will be sold only with the express approval of Klump.